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the bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i am randi kaye. live in boston this morning. more on the boston bombings in a moment, but first let's send it over to victor blackwell in atlanta for the days headlines. >> first up, northwest of los angeles, the raging wildfire has nearly tripled in size in less than two days. it is threatening thousands of homes. look at this. this is in the ventura county area. some families are staying to protect their homes. you see a lot of families getting out of the way. this is the spring fire. it's already burned 28,000 acres, but firefighters could get a break because the gusty winds are expected to die down today and there could be light rain tomorrow. number two, israel confirmed
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it conducted an air strike friday in syria, and an official says the strike targeted a shipment of missiles bound for hezbollah in lebanon. the attack was authorized in a secret cabinet meeting. and officials long vowed to strike targets they think that is being used to transfer weapons to terrorists groups. and then president obama pledged security. he described security as key to economic development and he called on central american leaders to deal with poverty head on. for now, after 17 weeks of graphic testimony, the expert witnesses, the jury will decide what is next for jodi arias. they can decide second or
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first-degree murder. and then the first nra weekend, the first since pushing for tougher gun laws. more than 70,000 members are expected to attend the gun shows and rallies. and sarah palin kicked things off by criticizing the obama administration for, quote, exploiting victims of gun violence. listen. >> we have these tragedies like aurora and immediately the question raised in washington is well what can we do to limit the freedom of the people? but it's the wrong question. the question better asked is what can we do to nurture and support a people capable of living in freedom? >> other well known names on the schedule are radio personality, glenn beck, and rocker ted
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nugent. let's go where athena jones is live. what is going on there today? >> reporter: hi, victor. good morning. today is going to be about the nitty gritty, giving nra members marching orders to try to implement some measures of gun control in addition to the nationwide ones. one word for you or three words in some ways about what was going on in the first full day of the nra convention, and it's politics, politics, politics. and we heard a lot of celebration of the fact that that effort to expand background checks for gun buyers failed in the senate a couple weeks ago, and that's a big victory for the nra. we heard from political superstars in the republican party, and you just heard from sarah palin and we heard from the texas senator, and governor rick perry and louisiana governor, bobby jindal. and we also heard from one of
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the nra's superstars, wayne lapierre, and he is one of the big faces of the nra. listen to what he had to say. >> we know every word spoken today and throughout the weekend will be scrutinized by our opponents. but let me make this perfectly clear. we will never back away from our resolve to defend our rights and the rights of all law-abiding american gun owners. >> reporter: so that's what we will hear more of today. we will here again from wayne la pierre. they will tell members where gun rights stand in america and what needs to be done and what they want the members to do. again, today i think the key word today will be politics. >> thank you. now to kids and guns and the
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tragedy this week in kentucky. did you hear about this, a 5-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old sister with a .22 rifle he got from his birthday. it was purchased by this site, the site is down apparently for maintenance. some people are asking if children should be exposed to guns at an early age. this is the conversation i want to have with 17-year-old tyler and his mother, trish. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having us. >> first question is to you, trish. tyler got his first gun at 4. why give a gun to a preschooler? >> it was something in our family that has been passed down from generation to generation. all of my grandparents fought in
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the armed services. my father and his brothers were avid hunters and felt like education and starting at an early age with him was something that was extremely important. the gun was never given to him and left unattended. it was always put up out of place when he was around. he realize the it was a tool and not a toy. >> tyler, the little boy that accidentally shot his sister that was 5 years old, what do you think say to people that think it's too young to be exposed to guns? >> i feel if you learn at an early age, you would have known not to play with it or would have told his parents and he would have reacted better. >> let's talk about today. you are 17 and you are on the usa shotgun squad competing at the national level. how has being around guns for the last 13 years now affected
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your life? >> it gives me something to do and keeps me out of trouble and busy. i love doing it. >> you perform for the cnn founder ted turner at a florida plantation. tell us about this. >> well, we were just there. it's actually his son's place, and he does camps and stuff for the youth and everything, keeping them busy and out of trouble, and he does fishing and hunting and everything, and i went down there and showed a little demonstration for them and that's about it. >> you say this was something that was a tradition in your family and it's a tradition in a lot of families, but not every family decides that before your kid can tie his shoes you hand him a gun. why not wait until he is 10 or 14, 15, maybe? >> it's just part of our family. it's the culture. i think when you go back in time here in the united states, you
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know, kids in our generation and in the past have always played cowboys and indians, toy guns and sticks, and you see that today on the playgrounds. i feel like education at an early age is powerful and strong. that's why even you see that pushing into the school systems, trying to talk to kids about things and the sooner you can teach them and educate them the better and more powerful that message is later in life. >> i want to talk about one specific angle of this. there are websites that sell these colorful guns. they have ads for guns that are pink and flowers and they look like toys. how does a parent balance the danger with these guns with something that looks like it's supposed to be fun? >> i think that with the tyler shooting, it's about fun. you want the kids to enjoy what they are doing.
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you have that conversation and dialogue with your child about this is a tool, and this is, you know, his sport equipment that is always pointed down range. it's never something that is given to a child and left unattended and always put up out of sight. you have to take the necessary precautions to insure that the child can't get to it and even if they can get to it, there's a safety on it and there is not anything in the chamber. so it's really up to the parent to insure that the child is safe and everybody around them is safe when they are handling a gun. >> i thank you for having this conversation with me, something that as this national gun debate continues more people will be discussing. thank you. >> thank you. victor, thanks very much. coming up next, even in death, tamerlan tsarnaev is causing
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the funeral director handling the burial of suspected bomber, tamerlan tsarnaev, told our boston affiliate that he made an oath to never turn any one away. >> i go back to the time when lee harvey oswald died, somebody
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buried him. jeffrey dahmer, somebody handled that. >> those killers were all u.s. citizens, and tsarnaev was not. >> he is causing emotional turmoil in death. his body finally claimed by his brother and sisters, drew protesters to one funeral home and that home only had him for a few hours. >> send him back to russia. >> they are having a hard time finding a cemetery for burial. we went around boston and cambridge asking people how they felt about that. >> too sad for words. it's too sad. he shouldn't be here. he should never have even come.
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if he had never come, none of this would have ever happened. he had every advantage he could have here. he should not be buried here. >> i don't care where he is buried. to me, he is dead already. how much more can you punish him? to me it's petty. >> and how to bury tsarnaev is also unclear. and many want nothing to do with the funeral and they are not involved with it and don't want to talk about it. they said they understand the family's pain, but they are devastated by the entire experience. after midday prayers at the mosque in brighten, i asked why so many top imams including him
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won't preside over tamerlan tsarnaev's funeral. >> addressing his concerns over the concerns of the entire commonwealth of massachusetts, it just doesn't balance out. we don't touch it to be respectful in regards to all the sentiments out there. >> so in traditional burials, he said he would have a family do it, and do it right, washing the body and praying and placing him in the ground. >> do you think he should be buried in the united states? >> i don't know what his nation status is, but if he is not from here, then as an american speaking, i think he should go back to his nation and be buried, but that's not up to me. >> questions of how and where he will be buried, there is a continuing question of when. the family spokeswoman said they will not bury the suspected
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bomber until an independent autopsy is conducted. the time has finally come. jodi arias prepares to learn her fate. it's now all in the hands of the jury. we'll have that for you next. look is only the ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the group to consider charges of first or second-degree murder or manslaughter when determining if arias is guilty in the death of her ex-boyfriend, travis alexander. jean casarez joins us with an inside look at the final arguments. >> randi the closing arguments are finished, the jury has begun their deliberation, eight men and four women. juan martinez began his closing arguments developing that jodie was a manipulator, lie yar and stalker, always played the victim and every, ever admitted it was her fault. he gab to establish what he says are the elements of premeditation for murder that she staged a burglary of her grandfather's home stealing his .25 caliber handgun, she needed gas cans so she would never have been able to found out to go to travis' home in
4:52 am
arizona, she dyed her hair brown. the defense focused in on the crime scene itself, it was a chaotic crime scene because it was a chaotic relationship and jodi was intelligent. she left a paper trail, she made bank deposits, she rented the rental car with a debit card, went to walmart using her debit card and her gas purchases were with a debit card. they went back to self-defense saying maybe jodi did believe her life was in eminent danger and once she fired that shot maybe she snapped, maybe she went too far because that crime scene shows anger and rage and passion. the rebuttal close by juan martinez focused once again on jodi is a liar and if you believe there is no premeditation, if you believe this is heat of passion manslaughter then you are believing jodi arias.
4:53 am
next week we believe there will most likely be a verdict here in arizona. randi, back to you. >> jean, thank you very much. it can be embarrassing when your phone rings at church or class or at work but imagine it happening in the middle of the jodi arias murder trial. >> they're not as concerned about things that happened june 4th. i'm there -- >> reporter: that ring tone was "dynamite." the phone apparently went off while it was in a spectatospect backpack. the defense closing arguments went on without a problem. having been in the courtroom covering the trial for months we all know that is a no-no. to reese witherspoon's arrest has gone from unfortunate to downright embarrassing.
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it was so hot today reese witherspoon was in the cop car just for air conditioning. oh, boy. >> we all know that reese witherspoon was accused of interfering with atlanta police when they arrested her husband for drunk driving last month but some of her more infamous lines from that evening are getting new play with the release of the police dash cam video.
4:58 am
hollywood golden girl reese witherspoon is accustomed to the spotlight. she's dodged public appearances until her public apology on "good morning america" thursday. >> it was one of the nights we bent out to dinner in atlanta and had one too many glasses of wine and thought we were fine to drive and we absolutely were not and it's completely unacceptable and we are so sorry and embarrassed and we know better. >> ma'am, don't get out. >> reporter: police dashboard camera video chronicles the stop from start to finish. >> i don't understand. >> reporter: and everything in between. from her husband, jim's public sobriety test to witherspoon's infamous line. >> you know my name? you're about to find out who i am. >> reporter: it came hours showing her contentious arrest was released.
4:59 am
>> i'm a u.s. citizen and ask you any question i want to ask. >> go ahold, come on. >> you better not arrest me. are you kidding me? i'm an american citizen. >> stop, i told you to get in the car and stay in there. >> reporter: her husband tries to quiet her without success. >> reese, can you please calm down? >> i have to obey your orders? >> yes, you do. >> reporter: seemingly unable to deter the officer from taking her into custody, she tries a different approach. >> i'm now being arrested and handcuffed. >> yes. >> do you know my name, sir? >> don't need to know it. >> okay, you're about to find out who i am. >> that's fine. i'm not real worried about that, ma'am. >> reporter: perhaps that's what witherspoon meant by embarrassing. her explanation? >> i had no idea what i was saying. when i saw him arresting my husband and i literally panicked, and i said all kinds of crazy things. >> reporter: adding -- >> i was so disrespectful to him
5:00 am
and i have police officers in my family, i work with police officers every day. i know better and it's just unacceptable. >> reporter: when asked about what she learned from the incident, reese wrapped up her damage control interview with a touch of humor. >> when a police officer tells you to stay in the car you stay in the car. i learned that for sure. >> reporter: nischelle turner, cnn, hollywood. good morning, everyone and welcome back to our continuing coverage of the boston bombings. i'm randi kaye coming to you live from boston. it is 8:00 on the east coast, 5:00 a.m. out west, where the spring wildfire continues to rage in southern california. 4,000 homes threatened, 28,000 acres burned and firefighters are racing to contain the fire before the winds pick up. now back here in boston a new discovery inside the home of boston bombing southbound tamerl

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